• Lin Wee

How Attractive Are You?

Imagine if you were going on a date, you’d have a preconceived outcome already in mind, what would you do to ensure that you achieve that desired outcome? You make yourself presentable, put on something smart, a bit of perfume to excite the senses, and perhaps have a pick up line or two up your sleeve ready to impress.

Well, this is the same with your business. You need to have an outcome for every meeting. You work on your visual presentation, use creative marketing activities to engage more senses, and prepare your pitch and have it ready so you know what to say when someone asks you what you do.

So what are you doing to brand yourself (or your business) so that you are attractive to your potential audience?

But wait, branding doesn’t just start and end with your logo, it extends out, but is not limited to:

  • who you are

  • what you stand for

  • your qualities and characteristics

  • your promise to your customers

  • how you provide an experience of your products or services to your customers

So if you are starting up or thinking about redeveloping, thinking past just what you want your logo to look like and more around your values and vision will help shape your brand visually and communicate your message more effectively.

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