• Lin Wee

Attractive Design Attracts

I read an article online that said, “Great design, is like Potter Stewart’s famous definition of pornography – you know it when you see it, that you want it.” It also went on to say that brain studies have revealed that the sight of an attractive product can trigger the part of the brain that controls hand movement. Instinctively, we reach out for attractive things. This means beauty literally moves us

Have you noticed that when we see something beautiful, we move towards it to have a closer look, to touch it, feel it. And if it is something in the distance, we would stop and take a second look or stay and admire it. Good design, often in very subtle ways, can have these dramatic effects even though we may not be conscious of it. The combination of colours, distinctive font types, choice of imagery and the placement of elements on the page or package is designed to reach out and touch us emotionally. A design, done well, is aimed to connect with our emotional needs to encourage action.

Imagine your brand and marketing initiatives not just looking great but also moving people to take action. Applied the right way, your product branding, point of sale marketing and brand activations could trigger people to engage.

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