• Lin Wee

A Reason To Buy

Why do people buy? What are they aiming to satisfy through engaging your offerings? Do your products or services give them what they are looking for?

There are two key psychological factors that drive customers to buy, and they are STATUS and PLEASURE. When your offerings help people fulfil these basic biological desire for these factors, you will convert your marketing efforts into more clients.

STATUS + PLEASURE = PURCHASE Status is a perception that is decided by the public, not the individual. What are people trying to express when they engage in your services and how do your products and services assist in providing a perception of status for your customers?

Pleasure is associated with satisfying the basic innate biological drives such as hunger, fear or sex. Other pleasurable experiences are associated with social drives such as accomplishment, recognition, and service. What are the emotional desires that your products and services fulfil for your customers?

To market your offerings effectively, you have to really know your market’s needs and desires. Take the time and do your research. What are your competitors offering and what are your consumers responding to?

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